Meet Our Teachers

350hr CYT Style: Power Ashtanga Inspired Yoga

Erin Ruggeiro

Vinyasa Yoga

Danielle Joy

Gentle Yoga 

250hr CYT Style: Hatha Yoga
250hr CYT Style: Meditative Hatha Yoga

Certified Hatha Yoga Teachers 2018-2019

Certified Hatha Teacher Training 2016-2017


Essential Oils Consultant & Kids Art Instructor

Valerie Elizabeth

Our Yoga Teachers

Anthony Gullo

Chris Carney 

Deanna Michalovicz

​Hatha Yoga

Caitlyn Adams 


Guided Meditation

Shannon Younghans

​Kids Yoga

Lorean Murphy/Owner 

​Hatha Yoga

Top clockwise:

​Erin Ruggiero, Rachel, Diane Kirk, Paul Flanagan

Laurie Mucklow, Deanna Michalovicz, Tori Mengel 

Certified Hatha Yoga Teachers 2017-2018

Jenn Arteaga Power Yoga

Brianna Favro

Hatha Yoga 

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250hr CYT Style: Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga
E-CYT Style: Traditional Hatha Yoga

Our founder Lorean, and all of our teachers are here to help inspire both you and your practice.

Since our styles are diverse, we encourage you to come try a variety of classes.