Prana Chakra Alignment

Sessions offered by Lorean

Energy Bodyworker since 2002

Lorean has been developing her practice of pranic (reiki energy) movement, while working with clients to awaken their spirit for 20 years. She is a fourth generation intuitive with a lifetime of practice in Tarot and in guided readings. 

Using smudge ritual, stillness, transformative meditation and energy alignment (reiki), calm and restore the energy field.

These sessions include intuitively exploring the messages of the Chakras. While being present for channeling spirit guides. Crystals / stones are placed on and around the body which continues to sink into meditation. With healing hands Lorean moves space to connect, realign and free energy. 

Through listening to the memories stored in the body, she hopes to leave you with a sense of peace, self-awareness and intuitive wisdom to move forward with your healing journey. 

  • ​Calm anxiety and release emotional distress
  • Take home notes for self awareness work
  • Cleanse the spirit of blocked centers
  • Take home notes based on channeled guides and intuitive reading
  • Connect ailments with the stored blockages within the body
  • Reflect, find your center and regain peace

Appointments offered 6 days a week. Fill out the form to the left to schedule a Prana Alignment Appt. Please include how long of a session you would like.


20Min. Sessions by Donation

30Min. Sessions $45

45Min. Sessions $65

60Min. Sessions $80

Fill out the form or call 267. 980. 5833 to schedule an appointment.

If you are not sure where to begin:

20min-30min sessions are great for beginners to regular clients

45min-60min sessions are for longer readings and self care that can be carried with you for longer periods of time. 

All sessions leave with information that can be explored for self reflection.

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