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Summer Solstice 108 Sun Salutations

Surya Namaskar

​Saturday June 19th 2021

​10:15am - 11:30am

Join us for 108 Sun Salutations offered to welcome in Solstice and the Warm Energy of our Sun!

All levels welcome to this challenge of the spirit, body and mind. Purge, release toxins and blocked energy carried over through Spring.

Begin again in the Power of Light!

Class is Led by Lorean.


$15 or use your class package

Sat. June 5th, 2021


A guided journey to retrieving the missing pieces of your Soul.

​For Class Payments & Donations 

Explore the center of your being in Yoga Nidra and stillness practice. Using relaxation techniques and traditional smudging ritual,  be guided into the Ethers of your Akashic Records. 

Last year we were tossed off course in a divine manner. Thrown into a new world of practices, all with some resistance and fear. A welcoming, uncomfortable change from the auto-pilot life once lived.

To watch things unfold is an opportunity to explore your own disconnects. How you resist in both negative and positive ways. And, how you get lost in the senses and desires of your humanity. That in turn can leave pieces of your Soul fragmented.

This is a practice open to all levels of meditation experience. Class is offered in Savasana or in Lotus Pose on your mat or seated in a chair. Walls or props are welcome. This is a 1 Hour Session.

COST: $15

Registration Required.

email: opencenteryoga@gmail.com

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